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GDPR Compliance

  Posted by Christoarpher , 21 May 2018 · 188 views

Dear reader,

As you’re no doubt aware, the European Union (EU) has instituted sweeping new privacy laws (GDPR) that any webpage or blog that might possibly collect personal information of anyone subject to EU laws information must comply with. If you’re like me, you’ve had to re-grant or re-certify permissions on many of your favorite blogs.

This blog does not collect any personal information such as visitor names, email addresses, IP addresses, or other sensitive information. Some information may be stored by the Word Press platform, and the comment form, a third-party extension, may or may not collect this information, but if so, this information is not stored by the blog and are not accessible to me, the blog owner.

</h2><h2>If you post a comment, Word Press stores your email address and IP address. That information is visible only to me, the owner of the blog. I do not collect email addresses to send newsletters or in direct marketing. I use analytics to track traffic to the webpage and that involves the use of cookies.

</h2><h2>I use third-party plug-ins for the daily running and maintenance of the blog, and those plug-ins may collect and store date about users and commenters.

</h2><h2>From time to time I do participate in contests with other authors or run contests of my own but your participation in such contests is entirely optional. Should you participate in such optional contests, your email is stored with your implied consent only for the duration of the contest and used only for the purposes of winner notification and prize delivery. You do not need to participate in such contests to read my blog.

</h2><h2>This blog does not participate in any Affiliate programs (e.g. Amazon Affiliates). Those blogs listed in the sidebar are those that I find valuable or that belong to friends. They change from time to time.

</h2><h2>If you to have your data erased, please contact me. You’ll be asked to verify this request, and then your data will be erased. I also a plug-in to export GDPR data and am in the process of learning to use it. I appreciate your patience.

This statement will also be posted under a Privacy Policy tab.


</h2><h2>Christopher Koehler

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