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Rowing Registration For Paris 2018 Opens 04 September

Posted by glrfcentral , 30 August 2017 · 555 views

Rowers will be able to register for the rowing regatta for the Paris 2018 Gay Games starting on 04 September 2017.
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Since the regatta is being presented within the Gay Games multi-sport event, rowers will need to register as a participant for the 2018 Gay Games. This means each competitor has to pay a participant fee and a sports fee.

The participant fee is a fixed fee that provides your pass to the Gay Games event, and is currently listed at Euros 160.  That fee is time and subscription based and will  increase to Euros 175 on 01 Oct 2017 or earlier if subscription levels reach the next benchmark.  Even though rowing is only now being opened for registration, Paris 2018 has said rowers must pay the current participant fee of Euros 160 instead of the initial participant fee of Euros 120.

The rowing fee will be offered at a discounted fee of Euros 70 from 04 Sep 2017 - 24 Sep 2017.  After that, the rowing sports fee will be Euros 90.  

It is important to note that the rowing page of the Paris 2018 website indicates the maximum participant level is 250 participants.  Update 19 Sep 2017: this maximum participant setting was originally posted at 100, and in typical right hand/left hand fashion, the web programmers inputted that as a maximum of 100 when the regatta committee had tried to communicate that number was a minimum.  The

Initial indications are that boat rental fees will be included in the rowing sports fee.  However, that may change and competitors need to be aware of that fact.

The Paris 2018 website lists exchange rates that are out of date.  Listed below are the current exchange rate for rowers. Keep in mind that credit card companies will charge a higher exchange rate than what is listed here, for their profit:
  • Australia: EU 1 = AUD 1.51
  • Canada:  EU 1 = CAD 1.517.44
  • Denmark: EU 1 = DKK 1
  • New Zealand: EU 1 = NZD 1.6
  • Sweden: EU 1 = SEK 9.50
  • United Kingdom: EU 1 = GBP 0.92
  • United States: EU 1 = USD 1.19
The regatta will be held on the Lac de Vaires-sur-Marne (otherwise known as Lac de Chelles-Vaires).  The venue, originally built as part of the Paris 2012 bid for the Olympics, will be the site for the 2024 summer Olympics rowing, canoe, and kayak competitions..  The site is currently under construction to add a 250 meter white water slalom course, media spaces, and accommodation for athletes. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

The Paris 2018 regatta will offer events in open and masters categories in the following boat classes:
  • single (1X)
  • double (2X)
  • pair (2-)
  • quad (4X)
  • four (4-)
  • eight (8+)
GLRF members can join the All Oars group for Paris 2018 - http://paris2018regattagroup.glrf.info

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