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In Honour of Worldwide June Pride

The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation is excited to celebrate worldwide June Pride month by promoting our worldwide global initiative, The Rower's Pledge, to promote inclusion and acceptance in the broader rowing community.

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In addition to demonstrating your personal support for inclusion and acceptance with your online pledge, why not request a free Rower's Pledge Sticker? Visit our Shop At GLRF and place your order, and no, you don't have to buy anything, and no, you don't need to sign the pledge to order a sticker either!

The sticker has an immediate effect in setting the tone for the boathouse, indicating that the boat bay, the coaches office, the changing room, supports inclusion and acceptance. Put a sticker on some of your own stuff and tell others that you support inclusion and acceptance.

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The Rower's Pledge Initiative

Make the pledge for inclusion and acceptance [beyond tolerance] of gays and lesbians in the broader rowing community.

The Rower's Pledge Global Initiative

The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation advocates for the inclusion and acceptance [beyond tolerance] of gay and lesbian rowers, coxies, coaches, and race officials in the broader rowing community. Rowers and coxies need to feel comfortable being out and open to their teammates and their coaches without fear of ridicule, bullying, reprisal, and discrimination. Coaches need to feel free to work without fear of prejudice or dismissal from parents, club officials, alumni, or athletic directors. Race and regatta officials should be able to serve openly, without fear of judgement and restricted selection for committees and race juries.