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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to the global rowing community! Let's hope 2022 gets us back on the water and past the masks! For those who are puzzled by an email birthday greeting, that's because you registered without giving your birthdate. 01 Jan is the default. Why not log in now and update your profile? Cheers!

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Reflections On Coming Out Day

Posted by glrfcentral , 11 October 2012 · 5,054 views

Today is National (International) Coming Out Day.  For some, it gives them a chance to muster the courage to make their sexual orientation a little or a lot more public in a celebratory and accepting manner.  For the politicos, it is an opportunity to raise awareness of the gay community and point to the high profile 'inductees' as proof that all...


Helping Rowers On The Road

Posted by glrfcentral , 24 May 2008 · 692 views

We receive a fair number of inquiries from members looking to row as they travel abroad. Our usual response is to suggest a posting in the country forum  of the member’s destination. We in turn send out a message digest email to the GLRF members in that country, letting them know there is a posting and suggest that they post a reply. Those digest emails c...

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