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Regatta + Rowing Camp News

Updates and news about regattas and camps of interest to the GLRF community


Announcing Our First Partnership Rowing Travel Tour

Posted by glrfcentral , 03 December 2019 · 786 views
Italia, LagoMaggiore and 1 more...
The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation is very excited to announce our partnership with Rowing The World.  This rowing travel company specializes in trips for rowers in many destinations around the world.  Because many gay and lesbian (LGBTQ+) travelers enjoy an opportunity to travel with like-minded members of their community, we thought it would be brillia...


A Better Regatta News Feature For The Glrf Regattas + Page

Posted by glrfcentral , 01 July 2012 · 1,227 views

GLRF is excited to announce a slight change in the layout and content for the Regattas + page.  

We just launched a new blog devoted entirely to regatta and camp/clinic items of interest for our worldwide online community.  Although it was too late to include for any meaningful use now, a good example would be the information on the live radio feed for the...

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