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Event: LGBTQ+ Rowing Tour On Lake Maggiore, Italy (27 Sep 2020)

Added by glrfcentral , 25 Oct 2019

Taking place 27 Sep 2020 through 03 Oct 2020 (Ranged Event)


The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation (GLRF) is excited to announce the first LGBTQ+ rowing tour in the Northern Italian Lakes.
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Through a partnership with Rowing The World, the 7 day, 6 night rowing tour on Lake Maggiore will take rowers around the majestic lake with the Alps rising dramatically in the background and beautiful villas and opulent hotels dotting the shoreside.  Five days of rowing and six nights of accommodations at three beautiful hotels.

Two guides will lead the tour and rowers will use 4x+ coastal rowing shells as their transportation on the lake!

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Registration is now open.  Visit the Rowing The World tour page to find all the details and book your space.

GLRF OnTheWater members receive a CAD100 discount on the trip.

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See more images of rowing on Lake Maggiore in the GLRF Gotcha! Gallery.


I took this trip in 2018. It was one of the most memorable rows I have every experienced. The views while rowing were unbelievable, and the rowing was some of the longest I have ever done. I wouldn't change any part of it for a moment. To top it off, the 'people watching sights' were fantastic as well. If you can, do it. If you are not sure, go.
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