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2023 Rainbow Logo Challenge


Nothing has more impact on the LGBTQ+ community than an organization that displays the rainbow colors during June Pride month.
The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation (GLRF) is proud to announce the 2023 Rainbow Logo Challenge.  Rowing national governing bodies, rowing clubs and programmes and rowing-related businesses are challenged to add rainbow colors to their social media and website logos for the month of June.

June is recognized worldwide as International Pride month, a time when the LGBTQ+ community celebrates their diversity and affirms their pride in who they are.

The Challenge is important because of the impact social media has within the rowing community.  Every social view showcases a rowing organization’s support for and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ rowing community.  When an individual sees a rainbow flag or an image with rainbow colors, he/she/they instantly feel a sense of reassurance and welcome in that place of business or organization.

The Challenge, now in its third year, continues to gain momentum within the rowing community.  Previous national governing bodies participation include USRowing, Rowing Canada, Rowing New Zealand and British Rowing.  Rowing programmes who have participated include Community Rowing, North Shore Maritime, Chicago Rowing Union, Tacoma Rowing, Top Row, and Marin Rowing Association. Rowing retailers that have participated include JL Racing, Ride Backwards, and Row Source. Media participation included behemoth Rowing News as well online social voices We Row Like This, Steady State Network, and Gay Ergos.

Although the Challenge runs for the month of June, the lasting effect to the LGBTQ+ rowing community remains throughout the year.   The act of participating in the Challenge serves to reassure governing body staff members, coaches, umpires, coxies, and rowers that their careers and their race seats are not in jeopardy if they reveal their sexual orientation.  An organization’s participation also serves to send a message to other rowing community organizations that inclusion and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ rowing community is an important core value.

Participation in the Challenge involves changing an organization’s website logo as well as all social media logos to incorporate several rainbow colors, or the creation of a special rainbow logo for the month of June.  The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation will recognize all Challenge participants by featuring their rainbow logo on their 2023 Rainbow Logo Challenge Tumblr page as well as on GLRF social media accounts.  Let us know if you accepted the challenge: rowing@glrf.info