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Using GLRF to Build Community Within and Amongst Clubs


GLRF offers unlimited opportunities to build community and connect with other rowers and members of the rowing community. Our internal social network features a robust group feature called, All Oars Groups.  

Groups are great for creating community amongst a number of rowing clubs in a large city, for connecting athletes like juniors, university crews, or adaptive rowers, for regattas, and even for lgbt communities, boats, or squads in a large rowing club.

You can also use the All Oars Groups feature to create a virtual rowing club.  With news, a forum, and messaging, you have almost everything you need to get up and running, and at zero cost. Yes, any GLRF member can create a group for free.

Any member can create their own group or join an existing group, depending on the level of privacy. Every group offers these key features to help connect members;
  • Self service group creation and administration
  • Staff levels: owner, administrators, and moderators
  • Three levels of privacy: public, private, and hidden
  • Individualized subdomains for listing on Facebook, gay and lesbian directories, and external websites
  • Group customization, featuring personalized banners and logos
  • Invite capability
  • Mass messaging to all group members
  • A dedicated forum that can have its own level of visibility to members and/or guests
  • ‘Like’ topic notification
  • Ability to add links from the GLRF Share A Link list
  • A wall for quick posts
  • Image gallery for sharing images and videos
  • Group calendar features
  • RSS feeds for each group, including separate feeds for news articles and forum topics
  • Categories for quick search in a group directory
Take a look at the current group listing.