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I don't know much about Rowing!

Looking for a local rowing club |United States

Hey there! I am a 36 year old HIV positive male who is looking to get involved more with community and a healthier lifestyle. I am interested in learning more about rowing and getting out there on the water!


21 Sep 2016 - 21h14.
Thanks for your enquiry!  And thanks for joining GLRF as well.

Attached are five links to rowing clubs in the Portland metro area.  A quick glance at the websites indicates that at least two clubs will be offering learn-to-row programs in early to mid-October.  

GLRF has members at several of the clubs.  Hopefully one or more will weigh in here on the merits of their clubs.

You'll find most rowing clubs are very open and welcoming, and in the Northwest, gay and lesbian rowers are warmly welcomed.

Your HIV status is unimportant in rowing.  If you're concerned about your bloody blisters on the oar handles ... as a beginner..., just wash off the handle.  That's it.

Station L in Portland has good learn to row classes. (The
L in the name is not the L in LGTQ, BTW, just a coincidence.)

Thanks guys! Station L is booked for the next two intro sessions! Bummer!

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