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Learn To Row

So you've always wanted to see what rowing is all about? Rowing is a very popular recreational sport and its easy to learn.

For those who haven't ever rowed, there are ongoing learn to row programs all over the world, at almost every club and boathouse. Don't be disappointed if you can't find a gay or lesbian specific rowing club in your area. Most of us row in straight boathouses. We guarantee the clubs won't bite. If you can get up early in the morning and show up on a regular basis, that's all that matters.

Let us help you find a gay-friendly rowing club near you. GLRF counts members in 42 countries and they may even row at a club near where you live. Post a notice here and leverage the scope of our gay and lesbian worldwide community who can offer information on rowing in their cities and countries.


Rowing clubs in Sydney?

Looking for a gay friendly rowing club where I can learn and socialize.