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Adding News Guidelines

Would you like to add a news article? Great!  We would love it if you did. All submissions require approval before publication so here are some editorial guidelines:


Latest News is meant for articles that are of interest to the gay rowing community and the GLRF community.  Topics of interest might include:


  • how your club is doing something for gay rowing or being supportive of the gay community,
  • what you as a GLRF member are doing for the rowing community,
  • if your club is sending a squad or team to compete at a gay-focused regatta,
  • if your club or team is featured in the gay media.


What may not get past the editorial desk are stories that are club-centric (gay or straight) such as coming in first at such and such regatta or hosting a fundraiser or enjoying an end of season shrimp on the barbie.  We do have an outlet for that and really encourage GLRF members to explore that: create a blog on GLRF for your club!


Want to run an article idea past the editorial first? Sure! Just send a PM to glrfcentral!

GLRF hosts a booth at the 2015 USRowing SW Junior Championships


Scenes at the 2015 USRowing Southwest Regional Juniors Championships.  Click here to see all the images from the regatta and at the GLRF booth.
05 May 2015 - Sacramento; GLRF hosted a booth at the 2015 USRowing Southwest Regional Junior Championships at Lake Natoma, east of Sacramento, 01 - 03 May 2015.  Other than some afternoon winds gusts, weather was perfect for the racing and crews were racing for finishes as well as qualification for the USRowing National Junior Championships in June at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida.  The regatta had 570 entries from 35 clubs, including several from brand new juniors clubs.

The racing was incredibly competitive with three races being called by photofinish.

The juniors went crazy for the GLRF biSweptual shirts and the wild spandex shorts.  We lost count of the number of parents who came by to say how great it was that the GLRF booth was at the event.   Thanks Mom and Dad!