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Would you like to add a news article? Great!  We would love it if you did. All submissions require approval before publication so here are some editorial guidelines:


Latest News is meant for articles that are of interest to the gay rowing community and the GLRF community.  Topics of interest might include:


  • how your club is doing something for gay rowing or being supportive of the gay community,
  • what you as a GLRF member are doing for the rowing community,
  • if your club is sending a squad or team to compete at a gay-focused regatta,
  • if your club or team is featured in the gay media.


What may not get past the editorial desk are stories that are club-centric (gay or straight) such as coming in first at such and such regatta or hosting a fundraiser or enjoying an end of season shrimp on the barbie.  We do have an outlet for that and really encourage GLRF members to explore that: create a blog on GLRF for your club!


Want to run an article idea past the editorial first? Sure! Just send a PM to glrfcentral!

Latest News

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A listing of the latest news articles from our worldwide GLRF news feed and our 8 regional news categories


No. 42 - Zimbabwe

16 January 2015 - Bulawayo; GLRF increased its country membership representation once again when a current member updated his profile to reflect his residence in Zimbabwe.  GLRF now counts 42 countries with members. With the new GLRF Countries application, we were able to bring the GLRF Zimbabwe country page onli...


Nigeria Latest Country in GLRF Community

04 December 2014 - Abuja; Nigeria became the 41st country in the GLRF Worldwide community when a member registered from the city of Abuja.  With the addition of Nigeria, the GLRF Africa - Middle East region has expanded to 6 countries: Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Qatar, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates....


2015 Eurogames Regatta

25 November 2014 - Stockholm; The 2015 Eurogames, an event compromising culture, politics, and sport, will feature rowing in their 25-sport programme.  The event takes place between 05 - 09 August, with rowing practice to take place on Thursday, 06 August, and the competition to be held on Friday and Saturday, 07 -...


GLRF receives a warm reception in chilly Chatta...

One of the many reasons everyone loves the Head of the Hooch!  Click here to see all the images from the event, and to upload your own.
03 November 2014 - Chattanooga; It was a role reversal for the GLRF booth at the 2014 Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga.   The weekend before in Philadelphia, it was sunny and mild.  Shift forward one weekend, and it was overcast, windy, and very very very cold.  Climate change? Maybe Hollywood havi...


GLRF finds beautiful weather for the 2014 Head...

Some of the women UConn crew showing their massive gold clinkage.  Click there to see all the images from the event, and to upload your own!
28 October 2014 - Philadelphia; For the second year running, GLRF hosted a booth at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta.  This marked the third time GLRF has hosted a booth in Philadelphia, and the first time the weather was actually nice.  Both Saturday and Sunday featured clear skies and sunshine, and relat...


GLRF marks ten years at the Head of the Charles

Rowers headed down the course on the Charles River.  Click here to see all the images from the event, and to upload your own!
20 October 2014 - Boston; While the Head of the Charles celebrated its 50th anniversary, the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation proudly hosted our tenth year-in-a row vendor booth at the regatta from Friday, 17 October - Sunday, 19 October 2014.  The significance of a ten-year running vendor booth was more than jus...


2014 Gay Games Regatta proves to be medalicious...

View of the regatta course on the Cuyahoga river.  Click here to see all the images from the event, and to upload your own!
12 August 2014 - Cleveland; It was a rather mild day for rowing on Sunday 10 August 2014 in Cleveland for the 2014 Gay Games Rowing Regatta.  With partly cloudy skies, a slight breeze out of the southeast, and temperatures only peaking near 80 degrees Fahrenheit ( 27 Celsius) and the humidity at a relative low of...


GLRF hosts a booth at the US Youth National Cha...

Champions at the Championship.  Click here to see all the images.
16 June 2014 - Sacramento; GLRF hosted a booth at the 2014 USRowing Youth National Championships Regatta 13 - 15 June 2014 on Lake Natoma outside of Sacramento, California, United States.  Approximately 1500 participants from 132 clubs competed in 357 entries.  The racing venue is the site of junior reg...


2014 Stonewall Regatta - 21st success!

Boats and crews line up for their race launches.  Click here tosee all the images.
03 June 2014 - Washington Dc; The DC Strokes Rowing Club hosted the 21st annual Stonewall Regatta on Sunday, 01 June 2014, on the Anacostia River in Washington DC.  The regatta has been held continuously since its founding in 1994 in Pelham Bay, in New York City.  Over the years, the regatta has moved twic...


GLRF hosts a booth at the 2014 ACRAs

View towards the finish line.  Click here to see all the images.
26 May 2014 - Gainesville; GLRF hosted a booth at the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) Championships 24 - 25 May 2014 on Lake Lanier in Gaivesville, Georgia, United States.   The racing venue is the site of the 1996 Olympic rowing competition. ACRA was was formed in 2008 to provide a means for Amer...