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Discover Groups and Share A Link

Hi! If you're clicking in to our website after seeing our ad for the September Issue of Rowing News, welcome!

The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation is a family of communities. We bring outdoor and indoor rowers, coxies, coaches, and race officials together at a local, regional, national, and global level. We are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ rowing community and we warmly welcome allies and supporters from the broader rowing community.

Our Groups feature allows anyone to start a microcommunity that brings people together based on demographic focus or geographic proximity or gender identity. Any member can create a Group. All we ask is that the group is rowing-related.

If your rowing club is inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community, please add them to our Share A Link feature (use the 'Share' sub tab to add your club) so that we can help people find your club or programme. Be sure to check the LGBTQ+ Inclusive tag. Yes, you have to register to see and interact with the Share A Link feature so why not register today?

Click on this link to view sample page of our Share A Link feature.

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