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University of Michigan Blade; this photograph is in the public domain; the presence of the U. of Michigan's colors and designs do not imply any type of sexual orientation of their team or rowers. They just row really really well.
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A community page for rowers 19 - 23 years

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Articles, Information, and Announcements

Making plans for university but unsure if you should mix rowing with studies? There’s room for both in this special Rowing News essay - To Row or To Study

So you’re a chick headed to college, and you’re thinking about doing a sport? How about rowing? Check out this vid of the University of Texas women crew team.

The transgender issue begins to emerge at the Elite and University levels.

Way, way cool - video from 2005 World Under 23’s - watch it!

Yale rower Maria Stevens talks about “covering” at the boathouse and dealing with coaches.

Outsports article: Rower Ryan white relays his story: “On April 15, 2004 at 5:15 pm, I told my mom that I was gay. One of her first questions was whether it was a crew thing to be gay ...”

Rentre a l’ecole - the newest collegiate crew recruiting video?. WinMedia

The Globe and Mail reports on Collegiate Hazing in sports.

Butler University Dawgnet News about diversity training in sports.

Outsports article: A tennis player shares a secret

Check out THE hot rowing movie of the summer: Summer Storm

The Oxford Student looks at metrosexual rowers: Just gay enough?

UCLA Daily Bruin article (3 part series): Locked in Silence

Outsports article: Collegiate Gay Jocks Bond

from my Dad: A.J. Liebling writes about being a collegiate rower in Paris, between meals...

University of Texas DailyTexan article about gay rowing.

 Charlie Kurchofer talks about coming out to the crew team at Binghamton University

Minnesota Daily: Gay Athletes Keep sexuality secret for years