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No Popcorn in the boat!

GLRF is pleased to present this continually updated collection of rowing videos from around the world. A compilation of video feeds from YouTube features an assortment of rowing-related themes. Some of them are corny, some are hilarious, some will make you blush, and some will make you shake your heads. What do you expect? You know that rowers are kind of crazy and driven, in a very good way. Just click and watch!

GLRF video feed glossary

Click on a title to watch that vid. Got some vids that you think might be a good addition? Email them to us at comdir [at]glrf dot info

  • Latest worldwide rowing videos (default display below)
  • Erg Technique Compilation (coding challenges - will return soon)
  • GLRF favorite videos (coding challenges - will return soon)
Be a GLRF Video Voyeur!

Seen some great videos, rowing, and otherwise, that our worldwide community would enjoy? Send us an email with the link to comdir (at) and we will add it to our list of favorites.

spot_the_cox; photo courtesy of John P Mullen
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Sharing these videos

The GLRF Rowing Video page features one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date feeds of rowing videos from around the world. Naturally, you want to share them. What’s the best way? If you let the video play out, you’ll see a share screen appear, and if you pause the video, you’ll see the same share screen. But ... that share screen provides a link to the GLRF Rowing Videos page.

If you want to share one particular video that you see, click on the YouTube logo in the lower right of the video player. A new browser window should open with the video on YouTube. From there, you can share the video through your normal social media outlets.