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The Cat in the Coach

Thoughts on rowing, cats, cars, and blond surfers ...


Trent - A Perfect Birthday Gift?

Posted by DPH2002 , 27 May 2013 · 1,069 views

Well everyone knows that the default career paths for most Harvard and Yale rowers is Wall Street.  But I don't know, 6' 2"?Are there any rowers with a bod like that at Harvard?  He's definitely handsome enough and almost bordering on pretty to possibly be from Yale.   I dunno, I'm thinking Dartmouth?Then again, with a name like Trent,...


Celebrity Rower Sighting!

Posted by DPH2002 , 10 January 2013 · 762 views
elite rowers
Celebrity Rower Sighting! In LA, some people get all excited at a celebrity sighting. Not me. They are usually not as hot in person as they are on camera and well, that diet just isn't being watched as much.What does make me get all giddy is meeting an elite rower, a Yale graduate, a woman with a smile that would light up an entire banquet hall, and well, the most beautiful bl...


Which Countries Made It To The Rowing Finals In The Olympics?

Posted by DPH2002 , 14 August 2012 · 1,615 views

The medal-obsessed media and fans rarely focus on who competed in the finals. Rather, it is all about which country won gold, silver, or bronze.

From my perspective, making it into the finals of the Olympics is a pretty big accomplishment, for the most part.  Yes, there were some countries whose athletes were ushered into the Olympics with only 3 months of...


A Lesbian Love Song?

Posted by DPH2002 , 08 January 2012 · 917 views

Okay, so maybe this subject is so years ago and what does a Taylor Swift song have to do with rowing? Well, if you saw this video, you'll see the blond surfer-like connection that catches my eye ... but I digress.

I am the first to admit I am completely disconnected when it comes to music. What I hear comes from the television monitors at Golds Gym...


The English And Their Regard For Safety

Posted by DPH2002 , 07 October 2011 · 771 views

If you spend anytime reading the English rowing websites or perusing the British Rowing regulations, you'll quickly find the English have a profound interest in boating safety.

I am so glad that the University of Warwick rowers have acquired this noble focus. Clearly, they are ready to to do their part for lifesaving, and stand ready and cocked to...


The Elephant And The String

Posted by DPH2002 , 20 September 2011 · 670 views

Today marks the official end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. As an officer in the naval reserve, it should mark the end of my white lies and the shell games.  For the past 8 years, I have hemmed, hawed, and misrepresented my actual civilian business occupation, running a gay online community rowing organization. At first, I just outright lied, although it...


Just To Be Clear ....

Posted by DPH2002 , 09 March 2011 · 673 views

Posting from the Los Angeles Rowing Club's discussion board:

Re: (from L.A. ROWING) La Forza - Stretcher in 4 seat broken
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 1:48 PM
From: xxx
To: xxx
Cc: xxx

It is...


Last Day Of Miami Rowing ... Don't Stop!

Posted by DPH2002 , 21 February 2011 · 678 views

Oh gosh, a couple of clouds in the sky!!! Even so, we all sprayed and applied copious amounts of sunscreen before heading out on the water for our final session. Coach Kyle was under the weather so Coach Nick happily took his place and put us through some great drills and paces.   First he took us north past Normandy Shores and up to Biscayne...


Rowing To Bal Harbor

Posted by DPH2002 , 20 February 2011 · 694 views

Uhhmmm, the weather is once again perfect, sunny, beautiful, warm, with calm flat water and a lazy Manatee gliding by the dock this morning ...

We had Coach Phillip this morning and Lady Victoria as our coxie (she's a GLRF member (and a judge) so watch it!).  Phillip steered...


Perfect Weekend For Rowing

Posted by DPH2002 , 19 February 2011 · 517 views

We could not have better conditions for the rowing festival. Beautiful luxurious warm rich sunshine and smooth water. So awesome.

First day was with Coach Nick and he had us working on catches mostly as well as steady state rowing. Sherry was coxing the four and Ira and I were in the double (me as stroke).  The 4+ is a vespoli and we are in a LW Wintech,...

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