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We offer two types of cut for the wild and crazy...

We offer two types of cut for the wild and crazy shorts: American Cut and Euro Cut.  The American cut shorts have a longer inseam and a higher waist.  The Euro cut shorts have a shorter inseam and lower waist. 


The longer inseam means your quads are not as visible since the fabric goes lower down your leg.  The shorter inseam means a good portion of your quads are visible. 


The other, implied but not stated thing with a higher or lower waist is how your like your shorts pulled up.  In other words, if you like the crotch of the short to be right up there with the mountain pass between the front and back of your crotch/ass, then the waist of the shorts will sit higher with the American cut and we mean way higher.  The Euro cut waist will sit much lower.   Conversely, if you like to set your shorts' waist right at your hip bone, and you have the American cut shorts, then you'll have a kind of fabric sail stretched between your legs.  With the Euro cut shorts, there really isn't a fabric sail. 


Look for the Fabric 411 tab to check the Commando Transparency Index.




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