Price Increase on 05 July 2024!  GLRF operations are getting more and more expensive. Get your orders in now before the price increase!  Most items will see a $8 price increase.  Thanks for your understanding.

Methods of Payment

We currently offer two forms of payment: Paypal and Payment by Cheque. We also offer a non-automated Bank Wire payment option.


We use Paypal for all payments throughout the world.  When you pay with Paypal, you have a choice of using your Paypal account or just paying directly by credit card, through Paypal's 'guest' payment system.  Paypal handles all of the payment processing so we never see your credit card information.  We feel Paypal is the most universally accepted payment system and their internal payment systems are some of the most secure in the world.

If you would like to suggest that we add another payment gateway, something that is easier or more popular geographic location, please contact us from our contact link here on the shopping cart website.

Paypal currently accepts the following credit card accounts:


Payment by Cheque

We do offer payment by cheque for orders in the United States, and for payments for orders with cheques that are drawn from a United States bank account. [Oh, one note of caution: if you are ordering from England, Canada, France, wherever, and you do have a US checking account, unless you use a US address, meaning your billing address in the checkout process , the software will not allow you to pay by cheque.  To resolve this issue, just keep your items in your shopping cart and send us a message.  We will enable payment from your country and once the order has been placed, we will disable the country again.]

To pay by cheque, you simply need to mail the cheque to the address provided in the checkout, and once the check has been deposited and cleared, we will ship the product order. 

If you send us a payment by cheque drawn on a foreign bank, we will simply return the cheque to you.  The fees for clearing and cashing a foreign cheque are so outrageous that we will not even consider accepting the cheque.  Thank you for your understanding.

Bank Wire Payment

We realize that our European shop visitors and GLRF members can be unaccustomed to paying via Paypal or by credit card.  We can accept Bank Wire payments.  Currently our bank charges us a fee of US $14 fee for interantional bank wire transfers.  While we try to find a more affordable solution, we can accept a Bank Wire payment manually, meaning that you have to contact us first.  We will see the total in your account's cart, and add the appropriate converted amount for the extra US $14, and then send you a message to provide the adjusted total amount. 

If you send us an incorrect amount, we will simply rewire the funds back to you less the fee for the return wire.  Come on - don't try to play hide the ball with us.


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