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Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation

The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation (GLRF) is a worldwide online community for gay and lesbian rowers, coxies, coaches, and race officials, and is dedicated to promoting rowing in the glbtq community.  We currently count 1558 members in 43 countries. Many people asky why there is a gay rowing organization?  Aren't rowers generally accepted?  Yes and no, and there is a huge chasm-like gorge between tolerance and acceptance.  If you're not gay or lesbian, you probably can never experience the difference.  At the end of day, like most like-minded folk who gather in a community setting, members of the gay and lesbian rowing community appreciate the ability to connect with their peers.

Join us: http://register.glrf.info  Membership registration is free and no, we do not ask anyone's sexual orientation in the registration process.  Anyone is welcome from age 13 to age 117, male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, curious, questioning, on the down low ... etc!

The sales of products from Shop At GLRF help to support our online community and outreach programs.

The GLRF Team

Our team is led by a staff of full and part-time employees.  We also have two full time buff models that model all the clothes: Matt and Rachel.  They are very quiet but they do their work very seriously.


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