Give us your unsold, your outdated,

Your stored masses yearning to regain a rower's favour,

The accrued trophies of your multitudinous regattas.

Send these, the rowerless, the tempest-boxed, to us,

We lift our blades above the golden dock!

Help support the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation

Your release is our catch!  Help support GLRF through a donation of your personal rowing gear or the lost from favor rowing retail products from your business or rowing organization.

Do you have extra rowing gear stored at your home or office?

Do you have boxes of unsold regatta t-shirts, jackets, hats, rowing posters, or other collectibles? 

Is your closet brimming with many seasons of accumulated shirts, jackets, hats, sunglasses, or that special unisuit you wore during that infamous come-from-behind winning championship race? 

Have you just finally come to terms that it is time to close the door on your rowing career?

Got an Olympic medal that just sits in a drawer?

What about those new but now outdated versions of electronic gear in the back of your store or in the closet of your boathouse: a speed coach, a cox box, or boat lights?

Whatever the case, new or used, as long as the gear is in good, working condition, we would love to help you find a good home for your gear by offering it for sale to the worldwide rowing community.  You will get the satisfaction of knowing your gear is finding its way to other rowers, and also that your donation is helping a worthwhile organization.

One note: we can only accept what we can reasonably ship.  So a Concept 2 model C erg or an extra set of aero riggers will be a problem for us.  Wondering if your gear is a fit for the Shop At GLRF? Send us a message, or give us a call.

As a small nonprofit, we can't offer to pay for the shipping but just think of the wonderful payment in-kind you will experience as you free up crowded space in your office or home!

Ready to help us and for us to help you find that perfect release?

Please ship your gear donation to:

Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation

10153 Riverside Drive

Suite 698

Toluca Lake, CA 91602

+1 323 774 1903 (some shippers require a phone number)

If there is a history behind the gear, can you give us a brief explanation? The infamous xyz regatta that got cancelled due to the hurricane? Or maybe if it is a championship piece of clothing, can you let us know the circumstances of the special event? We would love to share it with our shoppers.

Finally, we would love to express our appreciation and thanks.  Please let us know how we can list you on our Huge Thank You! page.  We are happy to dedicate your donation to a loved rower, to list your boathouse, your company, or your name, and even add a link.


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