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Questions about joining our community

Answers to questions about the GLRF membership.

Why do you need to have a gay rowing organization? Doesn't that further segregate the rowing community, and isn't rowing very inclusive?
All people are attracted to communities that bring like-minded people together. Sure, rowing is a shared interest but gay and lesbian people find they enjoy a sense of community that reaches across regions, borders, and oceans.

And yes, rowing, for the most part, at the masters level is very inclusive. However, at other levels, many people are not as accepting or inversely, they fear they will be rejected or shunned. Having an organization that can bring people together is important.

As an online, individual membership organization, we strive to serve that need of shared community whether or not a club's or programme's bylaws and culture has a welcoming and accepting environment.

What are the benefits to joining the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation?

  • Members are instantly connected to a worldwide network of like-minded people

  • Our social network lets you join a local or regional group or even start your own.

  • You can post topics and participate in discussions in a huge variety of forums.

  • You can participate in both geographic and demographic communities.

  • You have access to member-only regional events and news.

  • You can start a personal or club blog.

  • You can post classifieds advertisements.

  • You can share and comment on links.

  • You can upload images and videos to our member-only gallery.

  • You can use our exclusive seat search service to fill empty boat seats for a specific regatta or find an empty seat in a regatta you want to join.

Why do you call yourselves a federation?
Our organization is a collection of communities:

  • first, we have a worldwide individual membership community

  • next, we have separate geographic communities based on all the countries where we have members

  • and then we have separate demographic communities for the main aspects of rowing

What does it cost to join GLRF?
Registration is free. When you register, you become a Shoreside Member and you gain access to most of the GLRF website.

You can elect to upgrade to our paid, premium OnTheWater membership which gives members access to unique GLRF resources like the Find A Rower and the Seat Search programs. The annual membership fee helps to support GLRF in its day to day operations like this website, and promotions at regattas.

Is there a club membership category?
No, GLRF is an individual membership organization. Clubs have enough on their plates, with dues supporting their boathouse fees, their equipment, and attending regattas. Some club members may feel their existing dues are better spent elsewhere.

By defining our membership base through, gender, geography, age, and experience, we can better serve the needs of our community. As individuals we share the opportunity to contribute equally, whether we row as part of a club or scull on some lost lake in Santa Barbara.

Is GLRF inclusive to the broader rowing community?
Yes we are, and proudly so. In accordance with the United States Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we welcome all members of 13 years and older. Our membership is open to everyone that participates in the rowing community, be they juniors, masters, university national team members, adaptive rowers, coaches, coxies, and race officials/regatta organizers.

  • We have fixed seat options for adaptive rowers who register.
  • We have membership fields that support coaches.

Before you ask, yes, we welcome everyone, gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, straight - essentially anyone who supports the gay community. We don't ask anyone's sexual orientation - just their gender, and we offer a transgender option too!

How does my membership help promote rowing?
GLRF seeks to promote rowing in the larger gay and lesbian community. Many people want to row but don’t know how to get started, unless they know a rower. With a worldwide, connected network, we can help spread the word and also help people who come to the GLRF website in search of local rowing resources.

Why isn't my country listed in the registration form?
We have added the most common countries with rowing programs but if you don't see your country, do not despair. Let us know, and we will add your country!

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