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----- 2021 Sin City Erg - cancelled (17 Jan 2021)
By glrfcentral

Update 20 Oct 2020:  The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation has come to the conclusion that the 2021 Sin City Erg event must be cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  You can read the reasons for our decision here. We will keep this event active, posted as a placemarker so that interested indoor and outdoor rowers can learn more about the Sin City Erg!

Update 16 Aug 2020: we will continue to maintain this event as a possibility through October in case there are some last minute medical developments that would ensure the safety of this event.  If we were to make a decision today, it would be a no-go.  An ergatta, to have any enjoyment, involves rowing machines lined up close to each other in an indoor space, with competitors and spectators watching the 'erg' icons racing along on a projected screen.  This is especially true since the Sin City Erg is actively promoting team competitions where several competitors are connected and race as one "boat" or one 'erg' icon against other teams.  To be spread out would really defeat the camaraderie and energy of the event.  More importantly, given the physical exertion and extreme breathing, an ergatta just doesn't work well in this virus environment, indoors.

We encourage everyone who is interested in the event to add their names to the email list provided at sincityerg.org

Save the date for the 2022 Sin City Erg

- the global lgbtq+ indoor rowing event -

16 January 2022


The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation plans to host an "ergatta" on Saturday, 16 January 2022 in Las Vegas for rowers, indoor and outdoor, ages 13 years and older.  Although the event is targeted for the LGBTQ+ community, everyone is welcome, gay straight, transgender, non binary, men and women.

We will offer individual erg categories as well as team erg categories.  Yes, team meaning there will be a heat and a final for 2X, 4X, and 8X teams, and this is a real race and NOT a relay!

Registration will open at Regatta Central.  For those indoor rowers who have never used Regatta Central, yes, you have to create an online profile but it is fast and easy and free.  Team erg competitions will mirror a boat enrty for an on the water regatta: a team name will be entered, and the names of the participants for the entered.  We have enabled club team names for ALL events so that participants can feel part of their group whether they are competing on their own if they are with a group who is competing in the team categories.  We encourage club team names to be creative, playful, and mildly baudy.

Chuck Minker Sports Complex
275 N. Mojave Road
Las Vegas, NV  89101
Doors open at 8h00

January 2021

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