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London rOARs

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Latest Group Discussions

London Roars - Night Out #1

London rOARs Discussion 10 Feb 2011
Hi Dean, I'm really keen on getting back into Rowing this year, so I'll see you all down the...
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London Roars - Night Out #1

London rOARs Discussion 01 Feb 2011
Hi Dean Looking forward to the first social outing of the New Year...Happy New Year to ever...
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London Roars - Night Out #1

London rOARs Discussion 31 Jan 2011
Hello All, I'll start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. As I'm sure some of you know our...
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Christmas Night Out 2010 - London

London rOARs Discussion 08 Dec 2010
Hi All, It's time for our Christmas Night Out, the last of the year which has seen our Londo...
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Next London Roars Social - Saturday 6Th November

London rOARs Discussion 29 Oct 2010
So are you going to make this a calendar event or do you want me to do it?
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