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What Goes Down The Course Usually Comes Back Up...

Posted by glrfcentral , 08 September 2008 · 506 views

Ah, the things you learn at regattas booths…  They’re back, the FISA racing shells.  For those whose memories might have faded, FISA started an initiative in the late ’80′s to standardize raching shell hull designs worldwide.  The idea was to eliminate ‘variations in performance’ due to various hull shapes and equipment.  This was also probably a result o...


Of Men And Women And Olympic Orientation

Posted by glrfcentral , 17 July 2008 · 590 views

It’s that season again, when the straight and gay media go crazy over ‘out’ Olympic athletes. They are heralded for their courage in the face of public and team scrutiny. They are lauded for their public statements criticizing public officials or public policy. When a national rowing team roster was announced recently, we spotted a couple of familiar...


Getting My Ass Whipped ...

Posted by glrfcentral , 06 June 2008 · 743 views

If you’re a rower, you have probably had “some” interaction with an erg, aka ergomoter – as in a rowing machine. Most in the community are familiar with the industry standard, a Concept2. Almost every rower groans when you mention the erg. Competitive rowers have spent hours and hours and...


Helping Rowers On The Road

Posted by glrfcentral , 24 May 2008 · 457 views

We receive a fair number of inquiries from members looking to row as they travel abroad. Our usual response is to suggest a posting in the country forum  of the member’s destination. We in turn send out a message digest email to the GLRF members in that country, letting them know there is a posting and suggest that they post a reply. Those digest emails c...

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