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Awesome Rowing Destop Background Pics

Posted by glrfcentral , 12 September 2010 · 1,223 views

We’re in the process of designing a new GLRF t-shirt which involves some french words. We came across this site, Aviron DameDeNage, that is entirely in French but offers the most cool desktop images that are updated monthly. Find it...


New In Firefox 3.6.7: Rowing ‘Personas’

Posted by glrfcentral , 20 July 2010 · 1,155 views

For those who are Firefox browser fans, check out the new ‘personas’ which allow you to personalize your browser tool bar with color and themes.

If you search for the term ‘rowing,’ you’ll find several of these themes. We searched under rowing, rower, sculling, and crew....


Gay Rower (Former?) On Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands

Posted by glrfcentral , 12 February 2009 · 1,838 views

Our news alerts caught this item: rower Spencer Duhm  was written up as the youngest gay member of the lastest installment of the CBS show ‘Survivor.’  Now in its 18th season, the show is shot in Brazil where 10 contestants battle it out to see who is the last man or woman remaining.  The article says Spencer, who is openly gay, rowed for the University o...


Rowing Posters For Your Regatta

Posted by glrfcentral , 26 January 2009 · 901 views

We just received an email announcing the launch of a new rowing poster design service, Brush Strokes Fine Art Rowing Posters .  If your club is planning their upcoming regatta, consider creating a fine art rowing poster for the event.  There is nothing more memorable than a framed fine art rowing poster to put on your wall to show your participation.  Wit...

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