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Israel Calendar

There are currently no upcoming events in the Africa - Middle East regional calendar.

Israel Classifieds

There are currently no active classified listings in the African and Middle Eastern region.

Israel Groups

There are currently no groups for the Israel page.

The Israel country page brings the Israeli rowing community together by offering both local and regional resources. GLRF respects the culture of each country and wherever possible, uses the native spelling and language.

We recognize that Israel has two official languages. We regret that we cannot accommodate multiple languages.

Gotcha! Gallery - Israel

Cairo Dispatch News

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Israel Topics

There are currently no topics in the forum.

Israel Page Legend

  • Israel Calendar
    Displays member-added events to the African and Middle Eastern regional calendar.
  • Gotcha! Gallery - Israel
    Displays images and videos that members have uploaded to the Israeli gallery.
  • Israel Topics
    The discussion forum for the Israeli rowing community.
  • Cairo Dispatch News
    Displays the latest news that focuses on gay and lesbian rowing and GLRF members in the African and Middle Eastern rowing communities.
  • Israel Classifieds
    Displays a list of the active classified advertisements in the African and Middle Eastern region.
  • Israel Groups
    Displays a list of the All Oars Groups that members have created to connect within the Israeli rowing community.
  • Israel Links
    Provides a list of member-added links of interest for the Israeli rowing community.
  • Israel Member Map
    Displays a country map and a list of the GLRF-defined regions (if any) for the country, with included states, provinces, departments or cantons, and a member count per region.
  • Israel Metroareas with GLRF Members
    Displays the major metropolitan areas in Israel with GLRF members. Each metro area includes any number of local cities and towns. When members have added their club or rowing programmes in Share A Link, the club(s) will be displayed under that particular metro area. Hovering over the club name will display one or more tags, showing that club's rowing programmes.