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The Global Lgbtq+ Indoor Rowing Event

Regatta + Rowing Camp News 24 Nov 2022
If you are new to the Sin City Erg, it is an indoor erg event...
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The Fear Amongst Us

The GLRF View 21 Nov 2022
Fear simmers inside every LGBTQ person.  Even as so...
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Coming Out Is Not A Grand Ticker Tape Parade

The GLRF View 11 Oct 2022
11 October is National Coming Out Day in the United States. I...
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Rowers And Rowing Venues In A Changing Political Climate

The GLRF View 10 Jul 2022
By Brian Todd and John Olbrys The United States is undergoin...
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Eurogames 2022 Rowing Invitation

Regatta + Rowing Camp News 01 Apr 2022
Dear rowing enthusiasts, Hereby we would like to invite you,...
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