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Adding News Guidelines

Would you like to add a news article? Great!  We would love it if you did. All submissions require approval before publication so here are some editorial guidelines:


Latest News is meant for articles that are of interest to the gay rowing community and the GLRF community.  Topics of interest might include:


  • how your club is doing something for gay rowing or being supportive of the gay community,
  • what you as a GLRF member are doing for the rowing community,
  • if your club is sending a squad or team to compete at a gay-focused regatta,
  • if your club or team is featured in the gay media.


What may not get past the editorial desk are stories that are club-centric (gay or straight) such as coming in first at such and such regatta or hosting a fundraiser or enjoying an end of season shrimp on the barbie.  We do have an outlet for that and really encourage GLRF members to explore that: create a blog on GLRF for your club!


Want to run an article idea past the editorial first? Sure! Just send a PM to glrfcentral!

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GLRF Community News for our members in Western Europe


2015 GLRF Stockholm Rowing Tour and Queer Regatta

One of the rowing tour flotillas leaving the safety of the shore.  The quad is nowhere in sight ... Click on these two links to see the rest of the images from the rowing tour and the regatta.
12 August 2015 - Stockholm; When rowing was cancelled as an event at the 2015 Eurogames in Stockholm, the 34 rowers who had originally registered for the event were left with non-refundable airline tickets and the option of requesting a refund for their Eurogames registration or participating in another event.  Th...


2015 Eurogames Rowing Event Cancelled

View of the Stockholms roddförening (Stockholm Rowing Club)
18 June 2015 - Stockholm; The sports director of the 2015 Eurogames, Micke Forslin, notified the rowers registered for the regatta that it was cancelled.  The reason for the cancellation was the lack of adequate registrations (only 28 rowers had registered). The organizers of the regatta offered their sinceres...


2015 Eurogames Regatta

25 November 2014 - Stockholm; The 2015 Eurogames, an event compromising culture, politics, and sport, will feature rowing in their 25-sport programme.  The event takes place between 05 - 09 August, with rowing practice to take place on Thursday, 06 August, and the competition to be held on Friday and Saturday, 07 -...


One for the rower bucket list: rowing the Seine

24 September 2012 - Paris; Not just a bucket list item. We need to make this a regular GLRF community-coordinated event!!!


Antwerpen signs contract to host 2013 World Out...

19 December 2009 - Antwerp; It’s official: Antwerp will host the 2013 World Outgames 03 – 11 Aug 2013. The Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA), the international body that licenses the World Outgames, has announced  Antwerp 2013 World Outgames agreement.pdf   54.45K   0 downloa...


2009/10 Winter Team Erg Relay League - get read...

15 October 2009 - Copenhagen; Those erg-crazy Danes have announced the 2009/2010 Winter Team Relay League. Each year the folks behind Concept2 Denmark organize this worldwide competition that encourages teams of 8 and 4 to compete in relay format on one Concept 2 Indoor Rower. Get all the details at their website, 8GP . Wha...


TDP Régate 2009 à Paris

Villeneuve Triage - Choisy-Le-Roi et Vitry-Sur-Seine en arrière plan. Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. © EPA ORSA / Philippe Guignard

02 June 2009 - Paris; Brilliant sunshine greeted GLRF members and other rowers from six countries (AU, BR, CH, DK, FR, UK) who gathered for the third hosting of the TdP Régate on Sunday, 31 May 2009 at la base nautique de Choisy-le-roi outside of Paris (see GLRF photo set taken in December 2006). Held in conjunction w...


2011 Rotterdam Eurogames to Feature Rowing

08 March 2009 - Den Haag; The 2011 Rotterdam Eurogames will feature rowing as one of the featured sports events.  The 1,000 meter competition is expected be held in the new championship rowing course currently under construction just outside of Rotterdam.  The 10 million Euro project will meet the FISA...


Some rowing in Spain in July

27 May 2008 - Banyoles; When rowing was cancelled as a featured sport at the 2008 Eurogames, we had been in conversations with a local Barcelona rowing club about the possibility of European rowers participating in an independent coastal rowing regatta on the same weekend. Unfortunately, that did not pan out. However,...


Lisbon rower facilitates Portugal’s entry into...

Visit the GLRF Portugal page
20 April 2008 - Lisbon; A Lisbon sculler’s registration heralded the entry of Portugal into the GLRF worldwide community, marking the 26th country to compose the worldwide gay and lesbian rowing network. Portugal has an active rowing community with clubs along the coast as well as inland. Many northern European crews tr...