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Adding News Guidelines

Would you like to add a news article? Great!  We would love it if you did. All submissions require approval before publication so here are some editorial guidelines:


Latest News is meant for articles that are of interest to the gay rowing community and the GLRF community.  Topics of interest might include:


  • how your club is doing something for gay rowing or being supportive of the gay community,
  • what you as a GLRF member are doing for the rowing community,
  • if your club is sending a squad or team to compete at a gay-focused regatta,
  • if your club or team is featured in the gay media.


What may not get past the editorial desk are stories that are club-centric (gay or straight) such as coming in first at such and such regatta or hosting a fundraiser or enjoying an end of season shrimp on the barbie.  We do have an outlet for that and really encourage GLRF members to explore that: create a blog on GLRF for your club!


Want to run an article idea past the editorial first? Sure! Just send a PM to glrfcentral!

GLRF at 2016 USRowing Convention


GLRF banner visible in the background at the USRowing Vendor Village

View all of the images at the 2016 USRowing Convention gallery.
05 December 2016 - Springfield; GLRF hosted a vendor's table at the 2016 USRowing convention.  This was the first year that GLRF has hosted a vendor's booth/table at the convention.  

The impetus for the display was the promotion of the GLRF Global Inclusion and Acceptance Campaign.  The display table included the 2017 Gods of Rowing Calendars, the Rower's Pledge t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, and the new Rower's Pledge sticker.  Much like a safe space sticker, the Rower's Pledge sticker is meant to be displayed at boathouses and clubs to indicate the open acceptance of gay and lesbian rowers.

The Rower's Pledge theme is meant to be a straight/gay neutral shirt that promotes the inclusion and acceptance of gay and lesbian rowers in any rowing programme, and complements the Inclusion and Acceptance Campaign.

USRowing is the national governing body for rowing in the United States.  The convention meeting moves around each year to give attendees a chance to see other rowing venues.  This year, the host was the Pioneer Valley Rowing Club.  They host three programs: a junior's program, a master's program, and a dragon boat program.